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About IFSH

India Finland Startup Hub is an exceptional collaboration between Business Finland and Headstart Network Foundation. Started in April 2021, it aims to connect the two startup ecosystems of India and Finland to find the best of the consolidations associated with one another. It seeks to create a networking platform to generate an intake of information and persists on providing support & opportunities to startups in Finland and for Finnish Startups to extend into India.

The startup ecosystem in Finland is bursting with potential. The start of IFSH automatically creates a two-way road of equal opportunities and responsibilities for both India and Finland where the Indian startups can take this chance and can bring their business abroad. The innovation funding of IFSH is available for the companies in Finland where startups can independently pitch their products.

Past Speakers

Jukka Holappa

Country Director India, Business Finland

Praveen Luthada

CEO & CO-founder, Addcomposites

Kunal Pandya

CEO, NCrypted Tech

Juha Hovintalo

Head of investor relations, Slush

Silva Paananen

Managing Director, Consulting, Kasvu

Annamari Soikkeli

Senior Advisor, Business Finland




Bridging two countries has never been easier. Headstart Network Foundation has successfully created communities in its spectrum so that you can connect with us and Finland! Our community of India Finland Startup Hub is currently launched on Linkedin, Facebook and Slack. We are open for all and everyone!

Don’t miss the opportunity to link your startup to one of the best ecosystems in the world globally!