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Building a WOW Product

April 15, 2017, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM


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Your product is your brand. Its value to customers should be at the very core of how, when, and what you communicate to the world. It's a promise you make to every customer that, when they use your products and engage with your company, they can expect a certain level of performance, a certain type of experience, a certain customer service attitude, a certain level of quality

In an era of communication overload where the emphasis is on frequency and volume, it’s more important than ever to control the message and the delivery. The trick is to boil complex concepts down to their simplest form and communicate your product’s value in a way that’s meaningful to customers.It’s even more important to ensure that your brand promise is consistent with the value proposition customers can expect to experience with your products.

Contrary to popular belief, branding is not about names, logos, or advertising. It’s about reputation. It’s the sum total of customer perception through experience with your company, its products, and its services. But make no mistake: It’s mostly about their experience with your products and services.

To combat this and help our fellow entrepreneurs, With 3 editions of Headstart’s "How to Start a Startup" National series, we turn our attention to another vital issue, The Art and Science of Building a Wow Product. The theme for the April edition of the 6-month long series is, Building a Wow Product. This edition will see founders, product managers, design experts and innovators come in and talk about their experience of the product cycle, sifting through the noise of insights and feedback on features, prioritizing modules amongst many other things appearing in the life of a product.

To get all your product related queries solved and understand the thought process behind the great products that you see and use today, book your seats NOW!!

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